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AVENIS 125 – Scooter

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One glance at the AVENIS 125 reveals this as a scooter engineered to perform and designed to flaunt its sporty, sophisticated presence.

Sitting on it immediately informs the rider that it is built to be comfortable, well-appointed and fun to ride. Turning the engine over with one quick push of the start button and pulling away from the curb is all it takes to convince the rider of the exciting acceleration, nimble handling, and ability to effortlessly maneuver through traffic. And, soon after, it becomes obvious that the ride is quiet, the suspension smooth and the fuel economy impressive. It’s an excellent choice to fit most any scooter need, be it commuting to school or office, shopping, running errands, or just getting out to enjoy an exhilarating run around town.

Dramatic and energetic urban styling is evident in every detail, with edgy, dynamically contoured body lines, attractive contrasting color accents, and black metallic-finish badging. With its sportbike-like styling, the AVENIS 125 enhances pride of ownership and emphasizes the fact that it is much more than just an everyday scooter.

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AVENIS 125 – Scooter